Redhill is an American rock band created by Spencer Jones. A love for music runs deep in Spencer’s blood and is most likely why he continues to chase a dream that his great-grandfather chased more than 70 years ago.

At 19 years of age, Lathan Wiggins boarded a boat that took he and his older brother from their small town in North Carolina to New York City, chasing the same dream Spencer carries on today. To have their original music heard by the world, Spencer's great-grandfather and his brother found success shortly after arriving in New York City by playing on the biggest and loudest stage of their time, a nationally broadcast performance at Radio City Music Hall. Although his love for a young girl led Lathan back to North Carolina, his passion to write and perform real, authentic music lives on in Spencer.

The music of the past has also clearly influenced Spencer's sound and songwriting. Much like artists Hozier and Kings of Leon, Spencer has crafted a unique sound that pays tribute acts like U2 and voices like Michael Jackson who defined past generations. However, he does all of this while also continuing to forge another new unique path.

With lyrics that could captivate a quiet audience at the Blue Bird Cafe and a sweeping sound crafted to fill arenas, Spencer is a can’t miss, up-and-coming act whose music can stand up against the industry’s heavyweights.